Best of Luck to our 2017-2018 Teacher Candidates!

In January, students make the trek back to campus after the conclusion of winter break. New routines are made with classes and work, but beginning in February, six of our Agricultural Education students won’t find themselves in that familiar place. Instead, these individuals will be scattered across the state of Minnesota taking the skills and lessons they have learned during the academic career at the U of M and applying them as teacher candidates!

Kristen Lee will be completing her student teaching at Fairmont High School. She said she is anxious about creating a good experience for the students she will be working with, as well as successfully implementing all of her ideas on how to present herself as an educator. However, she is also excited, “I am most looking forward to the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the classroom. I believe that the best way to learn is by doing, and spending time with students in the classroom will allow me to grow as an educator.”

Throughout their coursework at the U, these teacher candidates have had several classes that have helped them learn how to create inclusive classroom environments as well as using various management techniques to ensure that students are engaged in the material. Kristen said, “While student teaching, I hope to apply all of the skills and techniques I have learned. I hope to continuously learn new skills to further my growth as an educator and I hope to make a positive impact in the classroom.”

Best of luck to the following individuals as they set out on their student teaching adventures!


Mariah Daninger
Fall Placement: School of Environmental Studies
Spring Placement: Staples-Motley


Nicole Heskin
Fall Placement: Milaca
Spring Placement: Deer River


Kristen Lee
Fall Placement: Watertown-Mayer
Spring Placement: Fairmont


Tami Middendorf
Fall Placement: Foley
Spring Placement: Plainview-Elgin-Millville


Greta Tank
Fall Placement: Rockford (2016)
Spring Placement: Martin County West


Brandon Thurk
Fall Placement: Chisago Lakes
Spring Placement: Albany