Accomplishments Make Our Department Proud!

Accomplishments1AECM faculty members Brad Greiman, Amy Smith and Rebecca Swenson, and Ph.D. student Elizabeth Abraham (pictured above), attended the North Central Conference of the American Association for Agricultural Education in Ames, Iowa on September, 21, 2017. The event consisted of research and poster sessions, special interest groups, committee meetings and professional development opportunities for agricultural educators. At the conference, Elizabeth presented a poster entitled "How Community Gardening Impacts Multicultural Student Communities," Dr. Swenson showcased her research with journalists to improve farm safety media coverage, and Dr. Smith presented "SAE Learning Experiences for Developing Teachers" and also served as a discussant and the committee chair for research. Dr. Greiman is a member of the Journal of Agricultural Education's editing-managing board.




Accomplishments2Accomplishments4CFANS Dairy Cattle Judging Teams competed in the All-American Dairy Show Collegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest in Harrisburg, Penn., and the Accelerated Genetics/Select Sires Collegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest in Viroqua, Wisconsin, on September 18, 2017 and placed second overall in both contests. The CFANS team also placed first oral reasons by a 21-point margin and first in the Jersey breed. Team members were Laura Jensen, Gabriella Sorg, Krista Styer (ACM), and Megan Hill. Other members of the team who participated were Haely Leiding (Ag Ed) and Lauren Hendel. Another CFANS team also placed first in the Holstein breed. Team members were Kayla Leiding (ACM), Brooke Roberts (ACM), Trent Dado, and Austin Schmitt. Coaches are Morse Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor of Dairy Cattle Genetics Les Hansen, alumni Scott Ellinghuysen and Alicia Thurk Hiebert, and graduate student Eric Houdek. Way to go Kayla Leiding, Haely Leiding, Brooke Roberts, and Krista Styer!



Accomplishments4Emily Annexstad (pictured above) was crowned the 64th Princess Kay of the Milky Way during the Minnesota State Fair on August 23, 2017. Emily is from St. Peter, Minnesota and is a sophomore studying Agricultural Communication & Marketing. We are so proud of you, Emily and look forward to seeing you shine as an ambassador of the dairy industry the rest of the year!








Accomplishments5In June, Agricultural Education Ph.D. student Elizabeth Abraham (pictured above) spoke at the 18th International Conference on Human Resource Development Research and Practice across Europe at Universidade Europeia, Lisbon, Portugal. Her presentation, "Utilizing Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Method for Assessing Student Retention in a Workforce Development Organization," was based on her paper, co-authored by Stephanie Pleasant.