Ruth and Paul Thomas Graduate Fellowship

Elizabeth AbrahamElizabeth Abraham, a Ph.D. student in Agricultural Education, is the recipient of the Ruth and Paul Thomas Graduate Fellowship. She is incredibly grateful, as this fellowship has allowed her to work fewer hours while pursuing her Ph.D. and has helped her concentrate on taking more courses. In addition to focusing on her coursework, she has also been able to enjoy other aspects of her life outside of school. Elizabeth said, “As a student parent, this fellowship gave me an opportunity to balance time between being a full time student and a mom to a super active toddler.”

As Elizabeth furthers her education, this fellowship gives her the opportunity to take a wider array of courses and reflect on her research, which focuses on self-efficacy of women farmers in India, in a broader way.

In addition to the Ruth and Paul Thomas Fellowship, she was also the recipient of the Turner and Oleson Graduate Fellowship. For Elizabeth, this was more than just a fellowship. It paved the way for a more personal connection with her sponsor, Sherry Oleson, who has become a friend and a mentor to her. When reflecting on the opportunities that she has been presented with, Elizabeth said, “As a student who has a vision to create a difference in the world, I believe that receiving a fellowship or scholarship is a motivation to keep striving to achieve your dreams despite the many hurdles that come up in life.”