Note from the Program Leader: Recent Graduates - Employed, Highly Satisfied, and Competitive Salaries

Greimanby Dr. Brad Greiman, Program Leader

What are graduates of your program doing and are they successful?  Prospective undergraduate students and their parents commonly ask this question when they visit campus. I am very pleased to share that Agricultural Education (Ag Ed) and Ag Communication & Marketing (ACM) graduates are experiencing success! Overall, recent graduates report being employed, highly satisfied with their jobs, and earning competitive salaries.

The University of Minnesota annually surveys graduates to learn about their employment status. Results involving students who graduated during the 2015-16 academic year indicate all Ag Ed graduates and a high percentage of ACM graduates were employed soon after earning their undergraduate degree. Strong job demand for our graduates continues to be a feature appreciated by students and parents.

It is also important for new hires to experience job satisfaction. A high percentage of our recent graduates work in jobs closely related to their major and they were very satisfied with their jobs.

Perhaps the most interesting finding of the survey was the competitive starting salaries for graduates in our majors. New Ag Ed hires had an average starting salary of $43,964, which was the third highest when compared with the 13 majors in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS). ACM had the fifth highest at $40,772.

Details and data about the information I have shared is at  Thank you to the 24 of 28 graduates (86% response rate) in our two majors who participated in the survey.

I appreciate you sharing the success of our recent graduates with prospective students so they might consider joining us at the University of Minnesota. We need more graduates of our majors to meet the strong job demand.

It is my belief that our students build a solid foundation for career success by participating in the many opportunities available to them at the University of Minnesota. This issue of The Enthusiast highlights students participating in some of those opportunities. Enjoy reading the stories and accomplishments of our outstanding students, alumni, faculty, and staff!