Students Reflect on Internship Experiences

Agricultural Communication & Marketing students are more connected with the job market than ever. Each year, our students take the opportunity to receive college credit for their internships through AFEE 3096 - Experiential Learning: Production and Business, taught by Dr. Rebecca Swenson. Since many students’ internships take place over the summer, the course is held primarily online. During the online sessions, students complete reflections about their internship and respond to other students’ reflections. In the Fall, AFEE 3096 students also make presentations to both their peers and underclassmen, sharing their successes and challenges as interns.

From corporations to co-ops, our students showcased their talents and completed complex tasks during their summer internships. Dominique Ebbenga, a senior who interned as a Crop Scout at Lakeside Foods, said that, though her internship, “I learned that I can adapt to any situation, and I have the drive to get what needs to be done, done. I discovered that when you find a career that fits your passions, the hours worked don’t matter anymore. I got encouragement to pursue my dreams after college, and made great connections with people who I know will always be there to help me out when I need it.”

Valerie EarleySophomore Valerie Earley (pictured here in the navy shirt) also had a positive experience with her internship: “My summer as an intern with the Minnesota Pork Board and the Minnesota Pork Producers Association was filled with all things pig farming. The projects I worked on included everything from Oink Outings to planning for Farmfest, but regardless which project the objective remained to provide resources and connections for pig farming. Although there were both challenges and opportunities along the way, I enjoyed working with the intelligent, hard-working and upbeat people who are involved in pig farming in Minnesota.”

In 2015, our students completed the following internships:

  • Rachael Anderson, Management Trainee Intern at Cargill Feed and Nutrition U.S. Business
  • Traci Block, Minnesota Agricultural Education Intern at Sibley East High School
  • Annie Culbertson, Marketing, Edge and Product Development Intern at AgStar Financial Services
  • Valerie Earley, Intern at Minnesota Pork Board and the Minnesota Pork Producers Association 
  • Dominique Ebbenga, Crop Scout at Lakeside Foods 
  • A.J. Hasslen, Dairy Sales Purina Intern at Gilman Co-op Creamery
  • Joe Joyer, Intern at Minnesota 4-H State Arts-In Program
  • Brandon Roiger, Government Relations Intern at Minnesota Farmers Union, and Volunteer Intern at Minnesota FFA
  • Olivia Schmidt, Intern at Wakefield Pork
  • Randi Schwartz, Agronomy Intern at Genesis Growing Solutions
  • Emilee Wendorf, Social Media and Communication Intern at Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center (UMASH)

Congratulations to these promising young professionals on the completion of their internships!