CFANS Mentor Program: Ag Ed Highlight

CFANS Mentor PhotoEach year, the CFANS Mentor Program connects professionals and students to help them develop professional skills, learn how to network, and explore career opportunities.  Participants can connect with their mentor over coffee, email, Skype, and even job shadowing.  

Joe Ramstad, a freshman in the program, says, “There are several major benefits that students and mentors gain through being a part of the mentor program; from resume review, to on-site career exploration, to hearing advice, and even interview practice.”  In addition to these, the biggest impact the program has had on Joe is that of making connections with other students and his mentor.  “These people have given me so much advice and insight about what a career in agricultural education will look like.  Without these connections, I believe my college experience would be completely different.”  

Kennedy Janssen, a sophomore (pictured above with her mentor, Margaret Hart), also agrees that the program has had an impact on her, “The CFANS Mentor Program has impacted me tremendously because it really gives me a hands on idea about what my future could look like.  This opportunity has made me confident that I am where I am supposed to be.”  

The mentor program is open to freshmen through Ph.D. students and the mentors are volunteers who are both alumni and non-alumni professionals.  This year we had many students in the Ag Ed/ACM division who were paired with mentors, some of which are Ag Ed alumni:

  • Rachel Anderson & Cliff Vrieze

  • Joe Ramstad & Jason Kaare

  • Ellen Sheehan & Natasha Mortenson

  • Emily Trout & Pat Tax

  • Paige Hildebrandt & Sarah Dornink

  • Krista Styer & Cassie Olson

  • Deanna Kanne & Adam Ulbricht

  • Rachel Kircher & Kelsey Mussman

  • Stephanie Schuebel & Beth Berlin

  • Heather Franke & Angela Fredericks Anderson

  • Kennedy Janssen & Margaret Hart

  • Kristin Liepold & Shelby Radke

  • Alexis Murillo & Tai Ullmann

  • Greta Thormodson & Mike Minnihan

  • Mariah Anderson & Kathryn Navarro

  • Sarah Condon & Melissa Thrune

  • Madeleine Miller & Dylan VanBoxtel

  • Evie Enderle & Matt Prigge

Interested in participating in the mentor program next year?  Students and mentors, follow this link to fill out an application!  Applications for the 2016-2017 school year are due by September 27, 2016.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact Masha Finn at 612-624-9957 or