Note from the Program Leader: Success and Continual Progress

Brad Greimanby Dr. Brad Greiman, Program Leader

This edition of the Ag Ed Enthusiast features activities and accomplishments during Spring semester. Our fantastic students, faculty, and staff have distinguished themselves in multiple ways. As a result, there is a sense of accomplishment, pride, and energy for our programs. Dedication, passion, and hard work have contributed to our success and fuels our continual efforts to improve.

The accomplishments of our students were recognized at the Celebration of Students on May 1. This event continues to provide an opportunity to gather and appreciate our students. Scholarship recipients, graduating seniors and graduate students, Ag Ed Club awards, ACE Ambassadors, and CFANS student awards were recognized. Kevin Lamont and Kristen Lee skillfully emceed the event, while Elizabeth Abraham and Brandon Roiger shared their scholarship impact story. We were pleased to announce new support for students through the Ruth and Paul Thomas Agricultural Education Graduate Fellowship. In addition, we presented Bob Marzolf with the Spirit Award in recognition of his life-long support of students and passion for Ag Ed. Joe Joyer and Tiffiny Vue gave inspirational remarks about the impact that Bob had on each of their lives.

To continue our efforts to advance as a program, faculty and staff have been engaged in a strategic planning process. We started the process in February and will soon complete our plan. Our next step will be to present and share the plan with CFANS and CEHD administration. I will provide a summary of our strategic plan with you in our next newsletter.

Thanks to Ellyn Swanson, one of our talented students, for serving as editor of the spring newsletter. Enjoy reading the articles and have a great summer!