New This Fall: Second Major Added to Better Serve Our Students!

The University of Minnesota’s Agricultural Education Program is pleased to now offer two majors: Agricultural Education (teacher licensure) and Agricultural Communication & Marketing (ACM).

“Faculty and students are both very excited about the new Agricultural Communication & Marketing major,” said Dr. Rebecca Swenson. “The new major allows us to strengthen the curriculum and community for students who want to pursue communications-based career paths that focus on building relationships and increasing dialogue about food and ag issues.”

Agricultural Communication and Marketing (ACM) is a brand-new major that prepares students for careers in agricultural communication, journalism, marketing, sales, training, management, leadership, business, and extension. Agribusinesses, as well as state, federal, and marketing agencies, need individuals who have a broad education in the scientific (and technical) aspects of agriculture, effective work and communication skills, and quantitative and qualitative skills to solve business problems. The scientific knowledge and technical skills necessary to become an effective agribusiness, marketing or media professional are provided through requirements in the basic and agricultural sciences and are strengthened by selection of one of three areas of emphasis: crops and soils, food industries, or broad overview of food, agricultural and environmental sciences. This new major consolidates the former Leadership and Communication track and the Agricultural Industries and Marketing (AIM) major.

As of this fall, the Agricultural Education major is for students who want to become licensed agriculture teachers. There will no longer be different tracks within the major. While most graduates will pursue school-based agricultural education teaching positions in Minnesota or surrounding states, some may pursue related career paths. All graduates in Agricultural Education will complete a 12-week teaching internship to qualify for a Minnesota teaching license in grades 5-12 Agricultural Education and Coordinator of Work-Based Learning. Graduates leave the U of M prepared to teach agribusiness, agriscience, animal science, food science, natural resources, plant science, soil science, and technology/agricultural mechanics.

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