Best of Luck to our 2016-2017 Teacher Candidates!

Teacher Candidates

Once winter break is done, most students venture back to campus, and the routine of new classes and work resume. That, however, will not be the case for 10 of our Agricultural Education students this year. Beginning in February, those students will be dispersed throughout the state of Minnesota taking the skills and lessons they have learned during their academic career at the U of M and applying them as teacher candidates!

Emily Trout, a senior in Agricultural Education, will be completing her student teaching at Staples-Motley High School. “I am most looking forward to growing my professional network and gaining more resources that I can utilize as a teacher. However, one thing I am nervous about is being located so far away from the others in my cohort, as it would be nice to have that close group of support close by while we're all taking our next steps and having to student teach!”

Best of luck to the following individuals as they set out on their student teaching adventures!

Teacher Candidate


Cooperating Teacher(s)

Traci Block


Jim Kocherer

Tyson Cooley

South Central Ag Science Academy (St. Peter)

Gena Lilienthal

Matt Frenchick


Pam Koenen

Michaela Gallup


Gretchen Schleper

James Geary


T.J. Austin
Andrea Nthole
Brad Novacheck

Katie Klar

Glencoe-Silver Lake

Becky Haddad

Kevin Lamont

Martin County West

Jeremy Daberkow
Jessica Daberkow
Stephanie Wohlhuter

Samantha Norden


Al Stemper

Patric Pehrson

United South Central

Dan Dylla

Emily Trout


Kerry Lindgren