2017 Teacher Candidates Thrive in Minnesota Classrooms

Teacher CandidatesOur students sure clean up nicely! Agricultural Education Teacher Licensure students gather before venturing to the high schools where they completed their student teaching this spring. Each candidate had a unique experience and they look forward to teaching in their own classrooms.

Michaela Gallup completed her student teaching experience at Upsala High School, and shared one of the highlights from her time there. For a classroom activity, she borrowed snap circuits from AgCentric to help teach electrical circuitry to her small engine class. “At first, they grumbled and told me to return the circuits because they would rather work on their engines. By the end of class, they were telling me to buy the circuits and begging me to borrow them for longer. It was a fun day for both my students and I,” Michaela said.

To view a list of our Teacher Licensure students and where they completed their student teaching assignments, click here. In addition to teaching, many of our students have been busy completing internships and study abroad opportunities. To learn more about the internships our AFEE 3096 students completed this academic year, click here.  We are so proud of our students and their accomplishments!