This additional licensure program is for teachers who hold a current Minnesota teaching license, and want to add an agricultural education license for grades 5-12.

After acceptance into the program, teachers will receive a customized contract that specifies your requirements to be recommended for licensure. Some requirements can be fulfilled by previous academic work or teaching experience.

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Course Requirements

The Minnesota Board of Teaching requires the following courses:

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources (AFNR) [39 credits]
Agricultural Science (4)
Animal Science (7)
Applied Economics & Agribusiness (6)
Food Science (3)
Natural Resources (3)
Plant Science (6)
Soil Science (4)
Technology (Ag Mechanics) (6)

General Psychology [3 credits]

Agricultural Education [22 credits]
AFEE 5111W - Agricultural Education: Methods of Teaching Agricultural Education (4)
AFEE 5112 - Agricultural Education Program Organization & Curriculum (3)
AFEE 5114 - Agricultural Education Teaching Seminar (1)
AFEE 5116 - Coordination of SAE Programs (2)
AFEE 5118 - Managing & Advising the FFA (2)
AFEE 5697 – Teaching Internship: School & Classroom (2)
AFEE 5698 – Teaching Internship (8)

CI 5452 – Reading in the Content Areas (2) online
OLPD 5009 – Human Relations (1)
PUBH 6003 - Fundamentals of Alcohol and Drug Abuse for Teacher Educators (1) online

Other Licensure Requirements

Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations (MTLE)
Basic Skills: Reading, Writing, Mathematics
Agricultural Education (Grades 5-12)
Pedagogy: Secondary (Grades 5-12)

Teacher Coordinator of Work-Based Learning

This additional licensure can be added concurrently with the Agricultural Education additional licensure.

Course Requirements

AFEE 1002 – Principles of Career Planning for Agricultural Professionals (1)
AFEE 2096 – Professional Practicum in Agricultural Education: Early Experience (1)


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Dr. Amy Smith
Director of Graduate Studies
146C Ruttan Hall