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This major - which includes the sub-plans of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences,  Crops and Soils, and Food Industries - prepares students for careers in agricultural communication, journalism, marketing, sales, training, management, leadership, business, and extension. Agribusinesses, as well as state, federal, and marketing agencies, need individuals who have a broad education in the scientific (and technical) aspects of agriculture, effective work and communication skills, and quantitative and qualitative skills to solve business problems.

The scientific knowledge and technical skills necessary to become an effective agribusiness, marketing or media professional are provided through requirements in the basic and agricultural sciences and are strengthened by selection of one of three areas of emphasis: crops and soils, food industries, or broad overview of food, agricultural and environmental sciences. With 21 free standing elective credits, all majors are encouraged to pursue a CFANS or other minor. In past years, students have minored in Applied Economics and other students complemented their study abroad experiences with an emphasis in International Agriculture!

Internship and job opportunities in this major are unlimited! Traditional employment opportunities are found in Extension, agribusiness, marketing firms, farms and ranches, commodity organizations; and government agencies.

Additional information about the ACM major is available on this informational brochure (PDF).