Water in the World: DVDs

  • Water First
    Message from Elizabeth Stanley, Bullfrog Films - Elizabeth@bullfrogfilms.com:
    Options for teachers to be able to show the DVD in their own classrooms:
    1. We offer high schools a 50% discount on the purchase of the film from Bullfrog Films. List price is $250 for the DVD. The school could purchase at $125 plus $7 shipping and handling. We do accept purchase orders.
    2. The teacher could rent the DVD for a 3-day period, and show it to several classes. Rental is $85 less 30% for high schools, or $59.50 plus $7 s/h. The teacher would then return the DVD to Bullfrog Films
    3. If all else fails, the teacher herself could purchase the DVD as a "teacher-out-of-pocket" purchase. Cost is $59 + $7. VISA, MC, or check payment. It is understood that the DVD remains with the teacher as a classroom resource, and is not housed in the school library.
    4. Find a grassroots group (or green business) in the community willing to sponsor the rental or purchase of the film for the school. Collaborate!
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