Materials from Plainview-Elgin-Millville


  • ES: Environmental Resources
  • 3F Supervised Experience in Agriculture
  • 3:F-1 - Determining Purposes and Procedures of SAE
  • 3:F-2 - Planning and Developing SAE Programs
  • 3:F-3 - Expanding My SAE

Life Knowledge Lessons from National FFA

  • MS.66 Researching Careers
  • MS.67 Understanding Agriculture Career Possibilities
  • MS.68 Understanding SAEs
  • MS.69 Record Keeping
  • MS.70 Proficiency Awards and SAE
  • HS.8 Developing Leadership in SAEs
  • HS.122 Discovering the World of Agriculture
  • HS.123 Career Opportunities in Agriculture
  • HS.124 Seven Roads to Success
  • HS.125 Preparing for the Trip
  • HS.126 Taking My Trip (Understanding SAEs)
  • HS.127 Choosing My Vehicle (Planning SAEs)
  • HS.128 Managing My Journey (Managing SAEs)
  • HS.129 Adjusting Your Journey (Evaluating SAEs)
  • HS.130 Enjoying the Ride (FFA and SAEs)
  • AHS.50 Developing Innovative SAEs
  • AHS.51 Conducting a Workshop to Help Others Start SAEs
  • AHS.52 Teaching Others About Your SAE
  • AHS.53 SAE Programs and FFA’s Proficiency Awards