Commitment to Students

Committed to serving students since 1910, the University of Minnesota's Agricultural Education, Communication & Marketing division strives to prepare quality agricultural educators, communicators, and leaders in the public and private sectors of education and industry. This commitment to students is actively embraced by all faculty and staff within the division.

Each student is encouraged to take personal responsibility for their success and to be proactive in their program. Supported by professional and faculty advising, students are encouraged to individualize their program to meet their interests and to develop a four-year plan for graduation. Students have the opportunity to become involved with campus organizations, experience internships, and seek international experiences. Each of these aspects is crucial to the future success of the student.

Commitment to Learning

Committed to educating youth and adults, the Agricultural Education, Communication & Marketing division focuses on teaching, research, and service activities in the agricultural and environmental contexts.

Learning opportunities are facilitated by the Agricultural Education, Communication & Marketing faculty and are represented by classroom learning, field experiences, laboratory/experimental learning, advisement, and informal experiences. Every student is encouraged to develop a relationship with their faculty advisor and professor to maximize his/her learning.

The Agricultural Education, Communication & Marketing faculty are nationally known for their quality teaching, research and service activities. Their research is broadly focused on teacher development and relationship dynamics involving mentors-protégés and leaders-followers.

Commitment to Community

Committed to serving communities and stakeholders from across the state of Minnesota, the Agricultural Education, Communication & Marketing division has created partnerships with various community colleges in the state, University of Minnesota-Crookston, public schools, agribusiness, and industry organizations. Each of these entities is vital to the success of the program and ongoing support of Agricultural Education, Communication & Marketing in Minnesota.

Agricultural Education, Communication & Marketing faculty and staff are committed to listening and implementing stakeholder input for the major through formal and informal processes. Advice and input are critical in maintaining a dynamic program in a rapidly changing world with increasing technological and human relationship needs.