Study Abroad

An international experience is transformative and gives you the opportunity to: practice communicating and collaborating across cultures, gain an international perspective in your field of study, prepare to work in a global economy, and grow as a person. Whether you're interested in short-term trips, long-term trips, or International internships, there is a program suited for just about anyone. Here are a few featured program options:

  • Short-Term Programs - Spend 1 to 4 weeks gaining hands-on learning experience abroad.
  • Long-Term Programs - Study abroad for a full semester or academic year.
  • International Internships - Add cross-cultural experience to your resume.

Where do I start?

More than 180 programs in 50 countries are available to University of Minnesota students. Students interested in studying abroad should first meet with their CFANS academic advisers to discuss their plans. Consider your academic interests, your geographic interests, and your academic goals. Winter Break, May, and/or Summer Session programs can be a great first step.