Course ID Course Title Semester Offered Frequency
AECM 1001 Introduction to Agricultural Education, Communication & Marketing Fall every year
AECM 2051 Current Technical Competencies Fall odd years
AECM 2096 Career Exploration & Early Field Experience in Agricultural Education, Communication, and Marketing Fall every year
AECM 2421W Professional & Oral Communication for Ag, Food, & the Environment Fall, Spring every year
AECM 3000 Seminar on Current Issues in Agricultural Education Fall
AECM 3051 Building Construction Technology Fall even years
AECM 3125 Ag, Food, and You: Exploring Minnesota Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource Pathways Spring odd years
AECM 3431 Communicating Food, Ag, and Environmental Science to the Public Spring every year
AECM 3434 Utilizing Social Media for Food, Ag, and Natural Resource Science Spring odd years
AECM 3444 Layout & Design for Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences Spring even years
AECM 3452 Digital Media Essentials for Agriculture, Food and the Environment Fall every year
AECM 3462 Podcasting for Science Literacy Spring every year
AECM 4115 Culturally Responsive Engagement in Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Spring every year
AECM 4432 Advanced Video Production for Ag, Food & the Environment Spring every year
AECM 4444 Food and Agricultural Marketing Campaigns Fall every year
AECM 4451W Advanced Persuasive Writing for Ag, Food, and Environmental Sciences Fall every year
AECM 4452 Virtual Field Trip Production for AFNR Sciences Fall every year
AECM 5115 Foundations of Agricultural Education Fall every year
AECM 5125W Designing Curriculum & Instruction for Agricultural Education Spring every year
AECM 5135 Instructional Methodology for Agricultural Education Fall every year
AECM 5145 Agricultural Education Classroom & Program Leadership Fall every year
AECM 5155 Agricultural Education Teaching Seminar Spring every year
AECM 5698 Teaching Internship Spring every year